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Welcome to the world of ATEK Access Technologies Our industry leading brands use the power of advanced machine-to-machine technologies to give you access to superior efficiencies and savings, essential data and systems, improved safety and control, and expert solutions and support. Access the power of technology.

The power of memory. Secured.
Datakey designs and manufactures the industry’s most rugged, reprogrammable memory keys and tokens for controlling access and sharing data.

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The power of control. Automated.
Larco is a leader in access technologies, offering an unsurpassed range of products, from the industry’s most durable mats and automated sensors, to push-plates and more.

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The power of data. Optimized.
TankScan® wireless tank monitoring lets customers check fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, and save up to 30% on deliveries and collections.

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The power of analytics. Delivered.
AssetScan connects industrial products and devices to the Internet of Things (IoT), unlocking product intelligence for improved efficiencies and operations.

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