ATEK Metal Technologies

State of the art
in the art of metal.

Welcome to the world of ATEK Metals Technologies.

Our cast products speak for themselves. Each is an example of the highest quality in design, casting, machining and finishing. Our long-term relationships speak for our commitment to service, responsiveness and achieving excellence for our partners.

State of the art in the art of metal.

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“Every day we’re making strategic steps forward, redefining what’s possible with high-volume, complex aluminum castings.”

Tom Christie

President, ATEK Metal Technologies

With over 30 years of success in manufacturing, Tom Christie has a passion for using state-of-the-art technologies to mass-produce complex and critical components for Fortune 500 OEMs. “We’re leading the migration to light metals with new materials, advanced process technologies and U.S. casting manufacturing. We’re leveraging our advanced capabilities, technical knowledge and Tier 1 services to reach more markets, and we’re doing it more efficiently than our competitors.”