Advances in technology are changing the world on a daily basis, and raising user expectations across every industry. At ATEK Companies, we’re using leading-edge technologies to deliver the highest quality products and services in each market we serve.

ATEK Access Technologies

ATEK Access Technologies delivers access to data and systems, efficiencies and savings, safety and control through its four product brands: Datakey, Larco and TankScan.

Ollin Plastics

Ollin Plastics is a custom contract manufacturer of rotomolded plastic parts. With state of the art technology and equipment, we serve customers with the highest standards in quality and delivery.

“We find people who are the best at what they do, and give them the resources to do it even better.”

Mark Osmanski
CEO and President, ATEK Companies

As CEO and President of ATEK Companies, Mark Osmanski brings nearly 30 years of success in manufacturing and finance to his leadership. “I’m obsessed with discovering how things work, and using advanced technology to do things smarter and more efficiently. Our goal as a company is to hire people who share our passion for innovation and creativity, and give them opportunities to build brands that are best-in-class in their category.”

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